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Io Sono Sardo is an association based in Sanluri with the aim of promoting the activities of the A.R.P.O.S. agricultural producers , a cooperative of Sardinian fruit and vegetable producers, established in 1976.

The main purpose of the association is to concentrate the supply of fruit and vegetables  cultivated by members scattered throughout the region, creating a common market.

The main crop of the cooperative members is the production of tomatoes; the same members are subject to strict disciplinary rules concerning the methods of cultivation, especially with regard to the use of fertilizers that respect the environment, to ensure a quality product for the earth and for the end consumers.

A.R.P.O.S. Cooperative society

Quality Certifications

The quality management of the food products represents a real development goal for the organisations operating in the agribusiness sector, because it is closely connected to the defence of life and the protection of health.

The incessant repetition of episodes of alarm related to food, both nationally and internationally, has caused an increased focus on quality, hygiene and safety of food for both consumers and companies and consequently reflected in choosing the best suppliers.

To ensure quality and safety of what they produce and distribute, identify and manage risk factors and communicate this commitment to the public, the producers have therefore become key to the success and the very survival of brands, manufacturers and companies.

These are the valid reasons why Io Sono Sardo and A.R.P.O.S., further to the confirmation of the wholesomeness of their products and the supply chain, has acquired the prestigious certifications such as:

  • Product Certification CSQA - Large quantities fresh tomatoes and transformed (sold in bulk bins for the fresh product, branded "Io Sono Sardo" for the processed product in cans and bottles) by the A.R.P.O.S. organisation and are compliant with the standard UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Supply chain traceability.
  • Certification of Quality Management - the system of quality management A.R.P.O.S. employs complies with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the provision of technical assistance services and control over the production chain applied to the production of industrial tomatoes.
  • Product Certification CSQA - Industrial tomatoes (sold in bulk bins) produced by the A.R.P.O.S. organisation are compliant with standard DTP 021 in compliance with the requirements of "Growing through IPM techniques" and "Residue of pesticides less than 50% of the maximum allowable residual (RMA)."
  • Product Certification CSQA - Industrial tomatoes (sold in bulk bins) produced by the A.R.P.O.S. organisation are compliant to the standard DTP 035 in compliance with the requirements of "Traceability of industrial tomatoes from seed stage to the dispatch of the finished product", "Food chain", "Trace elements" and "Control elements".
  • Oscar Green 2014 - Winners of the Oscar Green 2014, The award created by Coldiretti, to enhance and give room to innovation of Youth in agriculture, under the high patronage of the President of the Republic. The Coldiretti youth rewarded A.R.P.O.S. for the innovation that while maintaining their roots, has an eye to the future.

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