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Io Sono Sardo

Io Sono Sardo, based in Sanluri (VS), is a brand created to promote the activities of A.R.P.O.S. agricultural producers, the Regional Cooperative for the Valorisation of Products Made in Sardinia. Created in 1975, the association is committed to concentrating the supply of fruit and vegetables, cultivated by members scattered throughout the region, thus creating a common market. Tomatoes represents the main product of the association members, whose production is subject to strict qualitative rules, to ensure only the best that Sardinia can offer.

Tinned peeled tomatoes

Sale of packaged

Io Sono Sardo offers fresh produce in different formats.

bunch of tomatoes

Fruit and vegetables

The production of the agricultural members is 100% tomato.


Where to find our

Our weekly events in the Sardinian markets.

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Trade relations

We export Sardinian agricultural excellence in Italy and abroad.

The benefits of tomatoes in nutrition

Tomatoes are a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, but low in calories.
Tomatoes help to prevent heart disease and are rich in vitamin C which is essential to the proper functioning of our immune system. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which protects us against degenerative diseases related to aging. The components of tomatoes are important for cancer prevention. Furthermore, tomatoes are important to keep cholesterol levels under control and to prevent osteoporosis. Due to their content of beta-carotene and lutein they are important for healthy eyesight. In addition, the are excellent to aid digestion thanks to their high fibre content.
Procedural guideline integrated production: techniques of defence and cultivation of the tomato plant through the use of products of essentially natural origin for an extremely healthy and genuine product

Video - The members of the A.R.P.O.S. cooperative

To know more about the activities of the A.R.P.O.S. members and the excellent products supplied by Io Sono Sardo we have created some video documentaries that best showcase the of commitment and the importance of creating a common market for farmers in Sardinia. For more information about the products marketed, please contact us.

Contact Io Sono Sardo

Viale Rinascita 15
Sanluri (vs) , 09025 Italia
070 662412
070 8009219
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