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Io Sono Sardo's mission is to create an effective direct market for growers in Sardinia, to allow for the survival and dissemination of the knowledge of our gastronomic heritage beyond of our region.

A.R.P.O.S. is a cooperative society constituted by agricultural producers, founded in 1976.

The predominant activity of the cooperative is to concentrate the supply of fruit and vegetables grown by its members spread across the region.

In recent years, the predominant crop of members has been that of industrial quantities of tomato production, which represents 100% of Regional production.

Members who grow tomatoes meet strict production regulations, particularly in the use of products that protect the environment, the health of the operators and final consumers.

The cultivation of tomatoes is followed in all production phases by qualified technicians, from the purchase of seed to the ripening and careful selection of tomatoes for processing and final packaging.

The Tomatoes of Sardinia are now conquering 


The "Io sono Sardo" brand has reached the 

"Berlin Fruit Logistica 2016".

There was a remarkable interest, as well as a high level of approval, towards the products with quality certification "Io sono Sardo" during the three-day international trade show of fresh produce held on 3-4-5 February in Berlin.

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